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Fusion Management Systems, (FusionMS), is a boutique business and technology consulting firm.  We help organizations understand their business processes and operations.  We then leverage Microsoft SharePoint and Dyn​amics to improve efficiency and overall productivity.


The last ten years has seen a huge change in the way we communicate. We post news and events on virtual walls, discover long lost friends and classmates, and people learn our thoughts at any moment in 140 charaters. Social networking and micro-blogging sites Facebook and Twitter have changed our lives. These and similar technology platforms have automated many aspects of the way we interact with each other. They allow us to be connected to and in contact with more people than ever before.

Our young people are the quickest to adopt these new technologies. However, as they enter the workforce, they are greeted by offices that are still dominated by manual processes. Paper and email are the main means of exchanging information. As we all know, paper is both costly and wasteful. Organizations are actively exploring methods at reducing paper consumption. Email was not originally meant for inter-office communication and is both inefficient and not secure. IT departments generally regard managing email as a "necessary evil".

I believe that the changes we have seen in our daily lives are starting to take place in the places we work. It is time for our companies to embrace new ideas.


Dalton Han

Managing Director, FusionMS


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