Document & Forms Automation

Document & Forms Automation

SharePoint (SP) Forms uses both InfoPath and technologies that creates an enterprise-class data collection solution that allows organizations to extend the reach of their form-based business processes to everyone with online access: employees, partners and customers. The solution provides flexible design and advanced features that can be used to streamline any business process that uses forms to collect data. SP Forms can reduce the costs of form design, deployment and management.

Streamline forms-based business processes

SP Forms allows you to:
  1. Decentralize form creation. Centralize form management and control.
    Extreme Form provides one solution for creating forms across your organization - supporting multiple users with different access rights. Business users, such as HR directors and marketing managers can create and customize forms to meet their departments' unique needs. An intuitive, easy-to-use interface means users will be creating forms in no time. Administrators retain control of template standards and publishing rights.
  2. Seamlessly integrate forms-driven data with your existing applications.
    Pre-populate form fields with data pulled from your back-end application or add new data to information you already store.
  3. Minimize data entry errors and redundancies.
    Built-in data validation rules mean the correct information is collected the first time. Pre-populated fields minimize errors and the tedious work of entering the same information again and again. Plus, by collecting data through online forms, you eliminate the time and expensive of employing manual data entry services.
  4. Combine online and off-line data collection.
    Our scanning services enable you to easily integrate data from paper-based forms with data you collect online.
  5. Streamline processes and lower costs.
    By eliminating printing, postage, and bulk data entry costs, Web-based forms are much more time and cost-effective than paper-based ones.



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