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FusionPM - Project Management

As a company grows managing their increasing projects becomes more complicated.  From personnel to hard products everything has grown beyond their current method.  Over 90% of medium to large companies still use tools such as Excel for project management.
FusionPM is a SharePoint project managment application that makes it easy to analyze and collectively manage your entire project portfolio — including resources, contacts, tasks, and data, all from a single, centralized location on your portal.  FusionPM is the best way to manage an entire library of different projects within SharePoint.

  • A Web-based workspace solution for project information with built-in access controls
  • Ease of collaboration and centralized repository for project artifacts and discussions
  • A Web-based view of project portfolios with automated data aggregation and dashboards
  • Centralized document management (with standard templates) with granular permissions
  • Tracking for individual tasks and actual work in addition to the project schedules
  • Resource, cost, risk and issues management
  • Effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a clear, timely fashion, from the task level to an executive summary
  • Standardized project workspace (site) templates
  • Standardized project metrics



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